Which Is More Important, Education or a Cheaper Holiday?
New research has shown that almost four out of ten parents in the UK have taken their children out of school to go on holidays. Cost is the main reason given by parents for sacrificingtheir children’s education. Parents are to be banned, however, by UK’s Education Authority, from taking their children out of school to go during term time.
Should local authorities stagger school holidays to enable families with children to take advantage of travel bargains? Or is it wrong for parents to jeopardize their children’s education for the sake of a cheaper holiday? As far as I am concerned, education is more important. Firstly, children’s education must come first. A cheap holiday during the school season shouldn’t be the reason to take a child out of school. Some parents are not willing to sacrifice or schedule their lives in terms of their children’s needs. This kind of attitude will influence their children deeply. It’s no wonder so many kids are not interested in school and don’t take their study seriously. Secondly, school isn’t day care center. It’s an educational institution that needs every student to follow its rules. Taking a child on holiday when school is in session will disturb the order of the school. Besides, it is disruptive for the child, because he will have to catch up when he returns.
All in all, taking children out of school for a cheaper holiday is irresponsible behavior. Those parents would risk being fined financially and morally. It’s not only kids that need to grow up——a lot of parents need to as well.