China has a history of more than five thousand years, whose culture is various. Chinese people are so proud of their culture and many traditional arts are part of the national treasure, such as the festivals that contain the myths and the handwork. One of the special handwork products is paper-cut, which is now learned by less people.
Paper-cut is an extraordinary art, which is using scissors to cut paper into graphics. This art just needs simple tool, but it is not easy at all. When we look at the masters to cut paper, it takes them only a few minutes to finish, in fact, for a freshman, they need to practise for a long time. This art has a long history. It reflects the wisdom of Chinese people.

My grandma inherits this art, and she can cut a lot of graphics. When I was very small, she tried to teach me this handwork, but I was addicted to playing computer games. Now I feel so regretful, because paper-cut is treasure, and many foreigners love it. But as a Chinese, I used to refuse it. The in-heritage of tradition needs everybody’s passion.