Donald Trump said on Sunday it was “possible” that a deal he claimed ended the nuclear threat posed by North Korea would not “work out”.


A day after it was reported that Pyongyang has increased its production of enriched uranium at secret sites, Fox Business broadcast an interview with the president.


Trump was pressed on whether he trusted Kim Jong-un, whom he met last month in Singapore and with whom he said he had “a great chemistry”, to make good on promises to destroy Pyongyang’s nuclear program.


“I made a deal with him, I shook hands with him, I really believe he means it,” said Trump. “Now, is it possible? Have I been in deals, have you been in things where, people didn’t work out? It’s possible.”

“我與他達成協議,我與他握手,我真的相信他是認真的,”特朗普說。 “現在,有可能嗎?你我是否都經歷過達成交易然而卻泡湯了?這是可能的?!?/p>

Trump’s words reversed his declaration upon his return from Singapore that North Korea had ended its nuclear ambitons.


“Just landed – a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office,” the president tweeted on 13 June. “There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea. Meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting and very positive experience. North Korea has great potential for the future!”

“剛剛降落 - 這是一次長途旅行,但是每個人都可以感覺現在比我上任的那一天更安全了,”美國總統在6月13日發推文說。 “不再有來自朝鮮的核威脅了。與金正恩會面是一次有趣而非常積極的經歷。朝鮮未來發展潛力巨大!”

Speaking to Fox, Trump also sought to shrink the perceived cost of the declared agreement falling through, seeking to frame his negotiations with North Korea as having been achieved without concessions.


“We gave nothing,” he said. “Think of this. What did I do, really, when you think of it? I went there. So the papers say, ‘He went’, oh, meaning I went to Singapore. So we had a meeting. We didn’t do anything.”

“我們沒有提供任何東西,”他說。 “想想看,我做了什么?我去了那兒。所以報紙說’他去了’,哦,這意味著我去了新加坡。所以我們開了個會。其余的我們什么也沒做?!?/p>

In fact, Trump agreed to end a range of joint military exercises with South Korea, meant to act as a deterrent against the North. In the interview with Fox, he said the exercises, “which I call war games”, were too expensive.


“They’re dropping bombs all over the place every six months,” he said, “it’s unbelievably expensive to do that. The planes fly in from Guam, these massive bombers. It’s crazy.”